Quality Construction
muNet offers Best-In-Class IoT Enabled meters.
Open Standards
Leverage existing IP network infrastructure assets for real-time meter communication.

Designed around Open standards including IP and ZigBee, muNet WebGate Internet-of-Things (IoT) Advanced Metering Infrastructure solutions enable utilities to leverage existing IP network infrastructure assets for real-time meter communication.

WebGate products are future-proof, versatile and full-featured advanced metering solutions and whether broadband to every home is an immediate goal or not, muNet has a cost effective solution for you.

WebGate Classic Systems For situations where broadband to the home is key, these true-IP electric meters directly connect to any network, including Fiber-to-the-Home and WiFi, via Ethernet. With WebGate Classic System, each meter deployed has its own unique IP address enabling real-time communication over the broadband network.

WebGate TotalPoint Systems Utilities can leverage their existing IP communication backbone for advanced metering using the TotalPoint 802.15.4/ZigBee compliant wireless mesh network. With the TotalPoint System, WebGate meters communicate wirelessly to TotalPoint IP Gateways connected to an IP network.

All WebGate metering points support remote disconnect, voltage sensing, a full range of metering features, and connection to home area networks for Demand Side Management and utility applications.


To provide the highest quality and most cost effective products to enable utility applications using Internet Protocol (IP) enabled and other standards-based components and services.

To implement Internet-of-Things (IoT) enabled Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) products that deliver the full range of data collection, in-premise / in-business applications and tools required to improve operational efficiencies for the 21st Century Utility.

History and Position

Founded in 1997, muNet started with the following guiding principles:

  • IP-based network connectivity and open standards will provide the most cost-effective products for AMI and utility applications.
  • Proliferation of IP-based network access will create an environment for the development of the Industrial Internet or Internet-of-Things enabling real-time data access and control of critical utility assets, particularly electric meters.

muNet has 17 years’ experience implementing products based on these principles. muNet’s technology has been deployed across a wide variety of commercial and residential metering platforms enabling a broad range of utility applications across the full range of available IP-based Networks.