WebGate CommercialLexington, MA – February 19th, 2016 – muNet®, the leading provider of IP-based, Internet-of-Things Advanced Metering solutions is pleased to announce that its WebGate ICIS IoT-CM family of Ethernet products for Aclara’s kV2c metering platform now offer full support for Aclara’s MeterMate software. Installed under-the-glass of the Aclara kV2c, the WebGate ICIS IoT-CM provides Ethernet connectivity to the kV2c and enables remote, real-time communication with the meter over any IP-based broadband With the addition of MeterMate support for the WebGate , utilities and others deploying WebGate-enabled kV2c’s can establish a fully functional, remote MeterMate session with any meter using MeterMate’s native TCP/IP direct connection capability. In addition to having full remote access to all ANSI C12.19 and Aclara manufacturer’s tables within the kV2c, utilities can remotely collect load-profile data, reprogram the kV2c, add or remove meter soft-switches and upgrade the kV2c’s meter’s firmware over any Ethernet connection.

“We are consistently looking to add features to our product portfolio that deliver added value to our customers and partners alike,” said Sean Doyle, President of muNet. “The introduction of Aclara MeterMate support for our WebGate ICIS IoT-CM products is another example. Specifically, the MeterMate connection enabled by the WebGate allows any data collection engine to acquire meter billing and load data across the IP network, and meter command and control operations are now possible through the same familiar MeterMate interface.”

About MU Net, Inc
MU Net, Inc. (‘muNet”) is the leading provider of IP-based, Internet-of-Things communication solutions targeted at Advanced Metering and related operation enhancing applications for electric utilities. muNet’s products are designed to enable utilities to leverage existing broadband communication infrastructure to enhance operational efficiencies and deliver new services. Incorporated in 1997, muNet is a privately funded company located off Rt. 128 in Lexington, MA.

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