muNet’s WebGate iRIS (Internet Residential Information System) and the WebGate iCIS (Internet Commercial Information System) are the first Internet Protocol (“IP”) Interfaces to be electric meter-based. These WebGate IP Interfaces start by providing utilities and their customers with advanced automated meter reading (“AMR”) features via the Internet and delivering secure, full-time two-way communications and continuous access to meter data.

Beyond these usage-reporting features, the WebGate IP Interface also addresses pressing utility energy management needs by connecting (via open home networking and LAN’s)to individual devices or entire systems, allowing remote access, monitor, control and management. Such access can also be made available to third party, value-added service providers. TheWebGate iRIS and iCIS devices turn every electric meter into an IP gateway with a unique location on the Internet.

By tapping the extensively deployed, shared IP network infrastructure, the WebGate System radically lowers the costs to utilities of obtaining frequent detailed metering information, performing energy management, offering new advanced services, and generating non-regulated revenue opportunities. All without deploying expensive, proprietary, single-purpose, destined to obsolescence, narrow bandwidth networks.

To assure that today’s solutions can be readily adapted to tomorrow’s challenges, WebGate IP Interfaces use standards-based open architecture communication protocols, including HTML and XML. Data from meters, devices or systems connected to a WebGate IP Interface can be queried individually by using a standard Internet browser on any computer with an Internet connection, or via the WebBot™ Central Control Software to perform batch polling, control and reprogramming. The output of all WebGate IP Interfaces can be customized to meet the requirement of the utility including control of access and the presentation of consumption data in either tabular or graphic format. The data acquired through the WebBot Central Control Software can be seamlessly integrated into the utility’s legacy CIS, billing or data warehouse. Both WebGate iRIS and iCIS systems use similar design architecture and are based on open standards.