WebGate System: The True Internet-of-Things Advanced Metering System

While there have been periods of transition throughout its 150 year history, the electric utility industry is currently undergoing a new evolutionary period fueled by the technologies and increased expectations of the Digital Age. Just as the Internet-of-Things (IoT), driven by the rapid expansion of digital technologies, has created a virtual web of intelligent, interconnected devices that is transforming way we live and work, it will also transform the way utilities generate and deliver power, monitors and secures physical grid infrastructure and interacts with customers and regulators alike. muNet’s WebGate Advanced Metering Systems have been specifically engineered for utilities, energy service providers and energy technology companies to seamlessly integrate commercial and residential metering into IoT-enabled energy ecosystems.

Historically, utilities looking to implement Advanced Metering and other Smart Grid technologies have been presented with products based on inflexible, closed, proprietary communications technologies resulting in systems that greatly limited utilities’ ability keep pace with an increasingly changing energy ecosystem landscape. muNet WebGate Advanced Metering Systems have been developed around standards-based and IoT compatible communications technologies including Internet Protocol (IP) and ZigBee which enables WebGate meters to plug-and-play on any IP-based broadband network including Fiber-to-the Home, Wireless IP and Ethernet networks.

WebGate Technology Highlights

  • Industry Leading Metrology – WebGate products are integrated under-the-glass of industry leading metrology options including the GE i-210+ and kV2c
  • Real-time AccessWebGate meters are always-on, true two-way communication devices for real-time meter data access and control
  • Monitoring and Data Collection – Advanced meter reading and voltage monitoring, harmonics data collection, real-time remote connect/disconnect
  • Legacy Systems Integration – The WebGate system seamlessly integrates with existing back-office systems including CIS and Meter Data Management systems
  • True plug-and-play – WebGate devices plug-and-plan on any IP Based broadband network
  • IoT Zero obsolescence – Developed using exclusively standards-based communications technologies including Ethernet/IP and ZigBee, the WebGate System is guaranteed to meet current and future industry requirements