WebGate IoT-RM– The WebGate Internet-of-Things Residential Meter and Advanced Metering Communications platform

muNet’s WebGate IoTRM (Internet-of-Things Residential Meter) provides utilities, energy service providers and others with full two-way, secure, and continuous access to residential single-phase meter data via standards-based communications technologies including Ethernet and ZigBee.

The WebGate IoT-RM resides under-the-glass of the GE i-210+ metrology platform and enables real-time access to any data collected by the GE i-210+. The WebGate IoT-RM plugs-&-plays on any IP-based broadband network via Ethernet to facilitate real-time meter data collection and is also available with 802.15.4/ZigBee connectivity for wireless mesh networking communication as part of the WebGate TotalPoint System. Custom ZigBee network implementations are also available.

WebGate Technology Highlights

Advanced metering information:  In addition to providing data for routine billing operations, the WebGate IoT-RM provides on-demand reading capability, time-stamped load-profile and Time-of-Use data, voltage monitoring, and remote disconnect/reconnect functionality. All data collected by the WebGate IoT-RM can be delivered to back office Meter Data Management platforms for data presentation and analytics.
Easy data collection: WebGate IoT-CM utilizes standards-based, open architecture protocols including HTTP and XML for communication and data collection. Data can be collected using muNet’s WebBot Central Control Software or other 3rd party data acquisition platform.
Cost-efficient AMI: WebGate IoT-RM eliminates the need for expensive, single-purpose, narrow bandwidth network connections, making Advanced Meter Communication cost efficient for utilities of all sizes and varying service territories.

For detailed system specifications, download from Spec Sheet Download Page.

Or, to learn more about WebGate and how it can become your AMI solution, contact Sean Doyle at muNet 781-861-8644 ext. 247 or by email SeanD@munet.com