WebBot Software: Collect meter data quickly, frequently, and cost-effectively

Once you have WebGate iRIS or iCIS deployed throughout your utility territory, collecting meter data, scheduling appointments, controlling devices, and programming WebGate units is a snap with muNet’s host software – the WebBot Central Control Software.

WebBot meets your need to collect meter data quickly, cost effectively, and automatically. With WebBot software, the benefits of automated meter reading (AMR) are available to energy utilities servicing customers of all sizes and types, including residential, small businesses, and large-scale energy consumers.

WebBot Central Control Software makes it easy to query meters territory-wide for consumption profile data and billing purposes. The WebBot functions by following a predetermined, programmable path, speeding from meter to meter collecting specified data, and then placing it into the WebBot database. From the database the data is passed directly into your back-office billing or customer information system. Because WebBot has a flexible, back-end interface, it can be easily customized to interface with most billing systems.

The WebBot software installs on any Windows-based computer connected to the Internet. The easily configured software polls installed WebGate units in batch mode at high speeds. The WebBot software is designed to run on multiple networked computers and is fully scalable to handle large deployments of WebGate iRIS and iCIS IP Interfaces.

Current utility customers are using WebBot to remotely collect on-demand reads and to schedule future meter readings. Additionally, the software is used to remotely control the devices connected through specific WebGate iRIS or iCIS units. Finally, the WebBot software can configure or reprogram WebGate units in the field.

Once data is collected, you can select and sort it by multiple options such as location, date, and/or power consumption. The software analysis component shows the data results in both graphical and tabular formats. All data results can be exported to standard software packages such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access for further analysis.

WebBot Central Control Software delivers the following benefits:

  • Remote batch on-demand or scheduled data collection
  • Remote control of devices connected to the Site Units
  • Installation on any Windows-based computer with an Internet network connection
  • Automatic transfer of meter data to Legacy Billing or Customer Information System
  • Remote reprogramming of IP Interfaces
  • Data results displayed in both graphical and tabular formats
  • Perform aggregate demand billing
  • Fully scalable

For detailed system specifications, download from Spec Sheet Download Page.

Or, to learn more about WebGate and how it can become your AMI solution, contact Sean Doyle at muNet 781-861-8644 ext. 247 or by email SeanD@munet.com